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Lagoon Closures

ACK Contracting provides in-situ/ex-situ stabilization/solidification. From chemically fixating heavy-metal-contaminated soil through stabilization, to simply enhancing and stabilizing the physical properties of soft soils for off-site disposal through solidification, ACK Contracting has done it. 


We mix reagents/additives both in-situ and ex-situ, as well as operate specialized mixing equipment — allowing ACK Contracting to self-perform many projects related to lagoon stabilization and solidification. We’re experienced in all aspects of this environmental service area, including bearing capacity improvement, leachability reduction, chemical fixation in-situ or ex-situ, mixing pneumatic reagents or slurried grout admixtures, pH adjustment, and permeability reduction. 


Through our vast stabilization/solidification experience, ACK Contracting’s staff is experienced in utilizing the following reagents: 

  • Cements, fly ash, and kiln dust  

  • Lime and silicates 

  • Specialty clays / bentonite 

  • Various proprietary chemical additives, and polymers 

  • Other natural materials (wood chips, sawdust, shredded newspaper, straw/hay, etc.)

  • Provide design and dredging services to increase depth and retention time, including waste reduction by incorporating filter press, belt press and/or centrifuge to the dredging operation

lagoon closures
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